tscm01.jpg (70946 bytes)World Series 2000 Photos by Cliff Moon

tscm02.jpg (77670 bytes) Tommy Cravenho (3) passes Mike Stefanik (6) for                                                the feature win 

tscm03.jpg (94034 bytes) Mike Stefanik (6)leads followed by Tommy Cravenho (3) (winner)

tscm04.jpg (88768 bytes)feature winner Chris Perley (11)

tscm05.jpg (56143 bytes)

tscm06.jpg (57446 bytes) Lou Cicconi (4) & Mark Sammut (78) get off track

tscm07.jpg (45757 bytes)

tscm08.jpg (55562 bytes)

Thompson Speedway

Modified Tour and IMSA super modifieds


photos by Cliff Moon

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