Photos by Scott Nickel and Dale Nickel
Official Thompson International Speedway Photographers

Additional photos available on the Thompson Speedway Midway
at the photo booth.

(picture quality has been reduced for Internet Use)

THOM-DN-01.jpg (32273 bytes)  THOM-DN-02.jpg (34598 bytes) THOM-DN-03.jpg (35873 bytes)
Photos by Dale Nickel 

(1) Leslie Rose Jr., Pro 4 mod winner

(2) 76 Todd Dean and 73 Larry Barnett

(3) 78 Walter Sutcliffe, Jr., and 94 Charles Bailey III, Late Models

 THOM-SN-01.jpg (30192 bytes) THOM-SN-02.jpg (24145 bytes) THOM-SN-03.jpg (31729 bytes)Photos by Scott Nickel

(4) Rich Barry, Mini Stocks winner and Hank Brown, crew chief

(5) Todd Dean, Strictly Stocks winner

(6) 13 George Sherman, 62 Leslie Rose, Jr, Pro 4 mods

(7) 37 Jeff Zuidema, 48 Lonnie Mecteau, Late Models



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