Sizzler 2002 Features




Stafford Speedway 2002 Spring Sizzler 

Photos by Cliff Moon

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Stafford Speedway
Spring Sizzler
May 5th 2002

Photos by Cliff Moon

sizzler2002  2.jpg (54124 bytes) - Marc Atkinson (88), Woody Pitkat (25) 

  sizzler2002  6.jpg (64364 bytes)SK modified feature winner Bo Gunning (17) leads 2nd place finisher Eddy Spiers (85) in final lap action.sizzler2002  5.jpg (53703 bytes)


sizzler2002  7.jpg (67201 bytes) Kerry Malone (79) and Gary Pagenelli (21) have trouble in the SK feature.
-sizzler2002  8.jpg (62751 bytes) Ted Christopher's (13) SK feature is over as he and Jerry Marquis (25) get together. Ted had better luck later in the tour feature.sizzler2002  10.jpg (65638 bytes)

 Tony Ferrante (31) is involved in turn 3 action.sizzler2002  15.jpg (53778 bytes)

 Ted Christopher's (13) in victory lane

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