NHIS Mod Tour 2003




Modified Tour

New Hampshire Intl Speedway

July 18, 2003

Photos by Cliff Moon

nhismtcm01sm.jpg (47224 bytes)                  nhismtcm08sm.jpg (57092 bytes)


nhismtcm03sm.jpg (68380 bytes)  nhismtcm04sm.jpg (61262 bytes)

nhismtcm07sm.jpg (73361 bytes)

nhismtcm02sm.jpg (40243 bytes)
nhismtcm01 -winner Chuck Hossfeld (4) in racing action
nhismtcm02-Tony Hirschman in turn 3
nhismtcm03 -07 -Rick Fuller in turn 1 
nhismtcm08 - John Blewett III (77), Ted Christopher (13) and Howie Brodie (96) in racing action 

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