Mod Tour at Stafford




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Stafford Motor Speedway
Stafford Ct.

Sept. 23 & 24

Modified Tour and SK modified

Photos by Cliff Moon

(Click on photos to enlarge)
sscm01.jpg (86428 bytes)
sscm01 - Rob Summers Jr. (55) modified tour pole winner - new track record
sscm02.jpg (65491 bytes)
sscm02 - New Dodge powered tour modified driven by Art Coruso (1) during qualifying - accident in heat sidlined car.
sscm03.jpg (73975 bytes)
sscm03 - Dare stock driver Tracey Botticello (18).
sscm04.jpg (59234 bytes)
sscm04 - car in sscm02
sscm05.jpg (74050 bytes)
sscm05 - Dare feature winner Jerry Durand and team in victory lane.

Sunday activity
sscm06.jpg (59120 bytes)
sscm06 - Tour modified winner Jerry Marquis (44) leads John Blewett III (77) 2nd place in late race action
sscm07.jpg (62315 bytes)
sscm07 - modified tour action
sscm08.jpg (59672 bytes)
sscm08 - same
sscm09.jpg (67210 bytes)
sscm09 - Tim Connolly (4) slides off track
sscm10.jpg (65847 bytes)
sscm10 - Ted Cristopher (13) after SK modified 2nd place finish
sscm11.jpg (79659 bytes)
sscm11 - Sk Modified winner Eric Berndt
sscm12.jpg (81693 bytes)
sscm12 - Tour Modified winner Jerry Marquis

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