Marketing Opportunities

As popular as racing is with fans, it is even more popular with those who recognize the marketing benefits that come from an association with the fastest growing sport in the country. It is no coincidence that the names you see emblazoned on race cars and around tracks read like the Fortune 500. Many of the largest, most successful companies in America use motorsports marketing to drive business and increase their bottom line.

Business Opportunities

Thompson Speedway  is making a number of attractive opportunities available, with options to suit companies of all sizes. These include:

Facility sponsorships
Event sponsorships
Track and facility signage
Web Site advertising
Program advertising
Community relations
VIP suites
Product display and sampling
Corporate hospitality programs
Track rental

Comprehensive Sponsorship Programs

An all-encompassing marketing opportunity. Packages can be tailored to your requirements, including track and facility signage, advertising and promotional rights, program and newsletter advertising, corporate hospitality programs, merchandising and display rights, special awards and more. Category
exclusivity is available. Obviously, these invaluable programs are limited in number.

Motorsports is the number one spectator sport in the U.S. The number of spectators, television viewers, teams, tracks, and corporate participants is at
record levels Attendance at major racing series has increased by over 90% in the last 10 years Television coverage of major events, by both networks and cable, continues to grow at an astonishing rate.
Motorsports fans have proven to be the most loyal to sponsor products.



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