IceBreaker 2002 Photos




Icebreaker 2002
Thompson Speedway
Thompson CT.

April 6, 2002

Photos by Cliff Moon

ice0208.jpg (139893 bytes)

ice0202.jpg (103953 bytes) Featherlite Modified driver Tony Ferrante, Jr (31)

ice0203.jpg (116448 bytes)ice0204.jpg (124674 bytes) NEMA's 50th year - Randy Cabral (35)

ice0205.jpg (70564 bytes)

ice0206.jpg (103331 bytes)

ice0207.jpg (125386 bytes) Ted Christopher's Sunoco Modified (13) and Ricky Young (0)

ice02cm01.jpg (87066 bytes) Ted Christopher Featherlite Modified (13)

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