1981 Photos




Photos by Bob Thompson  

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bttis81jamie_tomaino.jpg (14692 bytes)bttis81rayevernham.jpg (18284 bytes)
Jamie Tomaino                                             Ray Evernham

bttis81georgesavary.jpg (17621 bytes)bttis81corkycookman.jpg (17427 bytes)
George Savary                                             Corky Cookman

bttis81mikeordway.jpg (18005 bytes)bttis81brettbodine.jpg (12309 bytes)
Mike Ordway                                                Brett Bodine

bttis81tombolles.jpg (15218 bytes)bttis81tomsylvester.jpg (13245 bytes)
Tom Bolles                                                     Tom Sylvester

bttis81bobvee.jpg (17867 bytes)bttis81richiegalullo.jpg (10631 bytes)
Bob Vee                                                      Richie Galullo

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